There is an overload of information out there. Only what’s relevant draws attention. We explore issues and develop formats that convey significance. For companies, brands and stakeholder groups.

Relevance also means to benefit from currently discussed issues for your own messages. We call this agile communication. Fullberry connects the expertise of consultancy, think-tank and agency: Experienced, well-connected, productive. Our promise is the desired result.

What we do

Relevance Successful communication is based on thematic leadership through relevance. We create relevance for positions, people and brands.

We develop themed worlds and messages. We turn them into precise communication that reach the right people.

Thanks to our in-depth insight, we create powerful added value for marketing, internal communications and the public image of people.

Profit from our experience when it comes to marketing tools that lead to success in the digital era.

Campaigns We know how to lead campaigns. Small- as well as large-scale projects on the basis of internationally successful techniques. Minimum effort, major impact.

Benefit from our international expertise regarding successful digital tools that promote the mobilisation of groups of supporters and allies.

We are familiar with the latest and most successful global digital tools and adapt them to your situation, because attention depends on the range of coverage.

Screening, intensification, intervention, measuring of efectiveness – and then we start again. That's the principle of newsroom campaigns. If you want to make your point, you have to coin tomorrow's agenda.

Networking We bring people together and organise the exchange of opinions and positions. In Germany, Europe, the USA and wherever you want.

If you want to gain the support of people, you need to talk to them, provide them with information and convince them. Our formats enable anybody to communicate new experiences and perspectives.

Round table discussions, public events, background talks and personal meetings. We generate interest and promote understanding through encounters.

Thanks to the widespread locations of our offices, we are excellent dialogue partners in Europe and America.

Bright minds

Dr. Lutz Meyer Lutz is the founder of the Fullberry Network. As one of the most experienced experts for campaigns and marketing communications in Germany and Europe, well connected and an strong voice in the market.

Lutz develops marketing campaigns for businesses, initiatives and political parties. 

He has run numerous well-known campaigns and communication projects for stakeholder groups, companies and political parties. World famous is his 2013 election campaign for Angela Merkel, which won the election by a wide margin and several national and international awards. 

Lutz provides twenty years of experience in strategy consultancy, communications and networking. He has won the prestiges award "Agency of the Year" three times, as well as numerous German and international prizes.

With Fullberry he set up an issue-focused campaign and marketing consultancy network. Fullberry has offices in Berlin, Washington, Stockholm and Madrid

Sara Morge, Executive Director Scandinavia 

Sara and her team have won the accolade "Agency of the Year" twice in a row. Thanks to their expertise and success, they are leading the Swedish PR market.

Sara and her team added value for their customers with issue-focused PR and strategic marketing advice. This success is based on an excellent understanding of the ongoing changes in society and their impact on brands and ideas. Major companies put their trust in Sara's team, which allows the fullberry team to unlock the increasingly important market in the Scandinavian countries. One-stop networking, insights, marketing and PR campaigns.

William Nixon, Executive Director USA 

Bill and his Policy Impact team are  the people to turn to when it comes to the political arena in Washington. They can draw on excellent government and public relations.

Fullberry's Policy Impact team offers the entire spectrum of issue-focused communication for the US market. Insights, networking, strategy, public affairs, PR, marketing services, media.

The Fullberry Policy Impact team identifies the most important people to talk to in the new administration, the US Senate and the House of Representatives in 2017, thereby offering companies and organizations in Europe optimum insights.

The Public Relations and Marketing team put the spotlight on ideas and opinions, in all industries; in Washington, in all other US states and also in important regions all over the world.

Virginia Sanz, Executive Director Spain

Virginia and her Madrid based team provide outstanding knowledge and creativity, strictly focussed on the success for the client. A powerful boutique and a strong partner.

Creating the best content is the headline of Virginia's team. Professional, accurate and with a „make if happen“ thinking, Fullberry Everythink Madrid has succeeded in the Spanish PR world. Top brands and institutions trust this agency. The team of Fullberry Everythink Madrid team provides access to whole latin speaking community in Spain, Europe and around the world.

Some of Fullberry and Lutz Meyer´s projects

Presenting Germany at the G8 summit. The "Land of Ideas".

Policy campaign for Germany's future foreign policy. New responsibility.

Probably the most famous election campaign poster in the world: Angela Merkel's hands.

Mobilising 600,000 stakeholders. Germany's freelancers go mobile.

Heads for prosperity through growth. The chancellor campaign.


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